Sunday, September 30, 2007

As my Ma would say, "Post cahd city!"

Higgins Beach market above

To Higgins Beach

rt 77

It is summer no mo'! Today was the first day it really felt like Fall around here. It seemed silly to still be wearing pastels and sun-faded sneakers. I started longing to get cozy in flannel, crank the thermostat and eat squash soup. There were a few folks on the beach, like me, relishing the last few rays of summer sun.

Local Yokel

Today I volunteered at a cool culinary event called the "20 Mile Meal". It took place at a spot called Turkey Hill Farm off rt 77, in Cape. The catch was that all the food served had to come from no more than...yep, you guessed it, 20 miles away.
Many of Portland's finest eateries were there, cookin' up all kinds of goodies from lobster gnocchi to a multi-colored beet medley to green soup (yep, that's all they called it.)
It certainly was an "eco-friendly" affair, the forks were made of recycled corn (huh?)
(Don't worry, rooster stew was NOT on the menu!)

Portcity belles

OK, I lied. Here's one more. Aint we perty?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Presents and such

Who? Me? love birthdays? Naaaaaahhh! This will be the last of it, I swear. But first, let me share some gifts...

Some fine dandelion wine from Jessica N.

These beauties are courtesy of the Rosemans, I bought them w/ a gift certificate. Let the rains come!

And this from Ms. Hoge...It's a notebook. Love it.

I know this is random, but I wanted to share another pic from the archives. Recognize THIS clan, anyone? I believe this was taken at Norm's, on New year's eve 2006? Maybe '05? No way.

Ode to Ethel

When my fam was visiting, we did have a chance to go to Evergreen Cemetery, out in the Deering area in Portland. My maternal Great Grandmother, Ethel Pearl Wescott and husband are buried there.
"Junior" is not a relation, I just thought it was painfully sweet.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bday wishes

This past weekend, my mom, sister and niece came all the way to good ol' Port city to help me celebrate the coming of another year. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of our adventures to share, yet...
However, the following took place tonight on the back deck of one of my favorite local watering holes, The Portland Lobster Co. Where, under the gleam of a waxing Autumnal moon and countless strings of plastic lobsters (??), the crowd was serenaded with some classic bluegrass tunes by the band, "The Potato Pickers"(and I was even sung Happy Birthday!).

Sarah, one of my roommates, is the gal with the sweet red dress playing the fiddle...

in her sweet new cowgirl boots.

And this is me, enjoying the music and a lobster dinner courtesy of my other roommate, Jacques, who refused to let me take his picture.

and THIS big sloppy smooch goes out to my "peeps" for all the goodies (see one of many, below), fun times and well wishes. OX

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Early Fall booze cruise

Sailin' the seas, with pal (and photographer) Denny, of Casco Bay and the islands.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fall field trip

These photos were taken LAST Fall actually, back in the day when I wasn't nearly as blog-savvy. (Thanks for the tutorial, Dad!)

(P.S. Pemaquid Point is located in Lincoln county. South of Damariscotta, off rt 130.)

Pyscho Sammy

Sorry, I had to throw a cat picture in there. Just because I can.

Cuties at the Windsor Fair

"Ride, captain, ride"

Me, tearin' it up with my folks, on a recent visit to camp. I thought I might cruise around ol' Port city in this gettup, whattaya think?

Liberty Tool

OK, so this may be my SECOND favorite place on the planet... Liberty Tool in Liberty, ME. It's about 20 miles west of Belfast, 10 miles east of Palermo. This three story building is full of all kinds of goodies. From buttons and bells to old Playboys and dusty LP's. Heck, they even sell tools.