Monday, October 15, 2007

Odds & Kitchen Ends

I made popovers on Saturday. They sucked, hard as rocks. Piss.

But enough about that. Let me share with you some fridge art...

(Notice Blog's namesake...Mainsheet; some part of a sailboat, under Jib sheet).

Ten bucks if you can guess who's in above pic. (OK, I most likely won't give you the money, but you'd be a hero in the punk rock world.)

And then there's da' shoes. I have a love/hate relationship with these babies. They come to the surface this time of year. Someone the other night told me I looked like I just got off a plane from Europe. You know I loved that.

Dear Ms. Hogey Rogey

I got to celebrate Ms. Hoge's bday w/ her, Todd, the kitty's and of course the new sweet Mabes. The dinner was dee-lish, the company devine. So typical.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Some Beckett St faves

Oh, dreams are made of showers like these...

Muffin and I found this a few years back. She painted it a sweet shade of blue and now it stores some very lucky dishes.
Goodies from a yard sale, on rt. 3 in Palermo, two summers ago.

Gotta love paint-by-numbers.

A photo, of my (great) Nana Wescott, which was in Northboro house.

A little Dutch girl. The tag on her foot says, "Made in England by Norah Wellings".

And that sink...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

She's crafty

On that note, what's a single girl to do? Get drunk on dandelion wine and craft, of course! Pics above and below are my own design (if you can believe it!) I made myself a felt eyeglass case.

Not the best shot, but bottom 2 are embroidered napkins (with a sushi theme). Note; Ms. Hoge-Ms. future b-day girl-DO NOT LOOK!

And this, well, this is just a cool typewriter my mom used as a schoolgirl, I think.

Online dating

OK, I'm not too proud to admit (well...maybe just a little) that I have been doodling around with online dating. I had to create a profile; which included inquiries such as "my favorite things", zodiac sign, eating habits, last book read... and they strongly suggest including a photo. I was just wondering, ya' think this is a good one to add? (Perhaps this better represents how I feel about the whole weird process). I'll keep y'all posted.