Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sweet Hey-Suess and more

Some interesting sights along the way... top most photo is a "goose barn, " which was very cute. There was loads of snow covered geese outside (a "gaggle" you might say.) The owner of the house, I presume, was pulling 3 goats in an attempt to move their location, but they weren't havin' it. Photo below that, well, it's an old time camper, what can I say?

Well, my weary wagon FINALLY got herself an inspection sticker. With the help of a little duct tape, a sweet (and forgiving) mechanic way the hell out in Hollis, and perhaps the presence of "Our lady of Guadalupe," ( a "dark-skinned virgin," as she's called, on an air freshener I bought at an auto parts store just before inspection and swung proudly from my rear view mirror) ol' Libby-poo is legal 'til August. Sweet is right.

Grandma's picture

I know, you're all probably sick to death with photos taken of my various heirloom's and such...but here's another one you. (Well, for my Mom really...since she is a BA-ZILLION miles away and won't be back in "God's country" to see it, for awhile.) I recently rearranged my room and decided to place my paternal Grandmother's picture above my bed. My mom told me, her and my dad carried it all the way from my Grandparents farm in Nebraska on a train back to Mass. And, thankfully, here it sits. Whattaya think, Ma?
Even dear ol' Sammy-poo approves.

Makin' "aht"

I spent an afternoon letting the "creative juices" flow, as they say, which I haven't done in quiet awhile. Anyway, it was fun...I painted, I sketched...

I even made a new friend and plan to name her Sue. (She's a "soon-to-be" elephant, by the way.)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Safe travels for the snowbirds

Well, Ma and Pa Kettle (and Bear) are soon to be "on the road again." Leaving Palermo anytime now, hauling above pictured rig, en route to warmer weather (not to mention, cheap "pink drinks", all-you-can-eat oysters and bikini clad spring breakers!) Of course, I'm just being a big baby and will miss them madly. May the road rise to meet you...I'll see ya soon. oxoxox

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A work shin-dig

On Sunday, I threw another Stonewall pot luck. This time, the roomies were there too. I made super mushy shephard's pie, over roasted carrots and blackened corn muffins. While Sarah and Dudley Irwin, got together and serenaded us with a tune or two.

Even Sammy got into it this time. Wild kitty.

Visit from an old friend

My dear friend Meg made a stopover this weekend, all the way from BI. She caught me up on all the happenings on "the rock." The stories of lore she told, as we used to say when I lived there, "you can't make this s**t up!" Quite a place.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sammy poo, thrilled w/ the world

Here's a cat photo for ya, Ms. Hoge!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A la commode

So, this is a commode (or sometimes referred to as a "convenience" cabinet) .

Here's a bit of history for you; It served as a washstand for a washbasin. The enclosed area below was for a chamberpot (or "potty").

(I also found out, in my bit of research...a "commode" was a term used a few hundred years ago for loose women who were "agreeable" and / or "convenient," if you know what I mean. So naughty!)

Anyway, back to my point, my Mom got it years ago from my Grandfather and is about a hundred years old (+/-). Thankfully, this precious set of drawers found its way to me, proudly planted in my "living room."

The handle's one of my favorite parts. So primitive, so delicious.

Inside, it smells of wood and the candles my mom used to store there.

Lassie playing cards found in drawer.

This beauty now sits on top. It once belonged to my great grandmother, Margaret Wescott.

A proud Auntie.

Mike's new digs

So, my dear nephew's all grown up. He, w/ his buddy Wilson, got their own apartment in Worcester MA. My Dad and I went down this weekend to help him move in.

I was impressed w/ his choice of living quarters; on a quiet street complete w/ hard wood floors, original fixtures, a spacious front porch and a very cute stove.

Back hall

His hot rod.

A SUPER bright blue house across the street.


Ice has come to Sheepscot Pond. About 8 inches, but a bit slushy in spots.

Bear was brave enough to check it out.

Ice. Hole.

Camp next to my folks.

We were both happy to back inside, cozy and warm.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008