Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Miscellaneous and marvelous

Miguelito and his new pooch "Rex." Yes, he IS a pitbull. Ouch.

My two dear friends Carrie and Todd "got hitched" in August of this year. I took this photo at their bridal shower in Rye, NH. (Are they meant to be together, or what?)

These are "my girls," from High School. We were celebrating Katie's pregnancy at Amy "K's" house in Beverly, Mass. (From left; Amy, Nanc, Katie, Amy "M", and Moi. Missing: Kiera and "Buck") Admit it, we're babes.


Foodies unite

My Dad and a very dead lake trout (?) pre-fish fry.

Fourth o' July in Palermo (you know I love me some good food shots...)

PS Thanks to Denny for helping me figure out how to work the digital camera he and Alex gave me. Hopefully "Mainesheet" will be revived.