Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Become the change you want to see in the world"
-from a sign in front of a storage place on rt. 3


My niece, Anne. (She's got great taste in shoes).

Ginny's basement

Jam cellar

Laundry room

Gampy's workbench

The bomb shelter

The hazey shot below reads..."Georgia Moon, Corn whiskey". Now I like me some whiskey, but I think I'll leave THIS one on the shelf.

Can you guess what state I'm in?


Nane (notice martini glass).

Sister Jean & "Bro-in-law" Bill

Now, Jean says this "PRE-dinner slump" was due to the cosmo cocktails I made...perhaps.

My nephew Mikey. Such a cutie.

Turkey Day at Nane's


Friday, November 16, 2007

Homage to Harold

Papa during his High school football daze...

"Ahoy, Cap't zero!" (I only call him that on this occasion because the day before his birthday, my Mom and I went thrift shopping. The randomness of the things you find at secondhand stores presented us with a basket full of "zeros" used for birthday candles. Of course, we had to get one to place on his cinnamon roll/pseudo birthday cake that morning. The Captain baseball hat was found that day too.)

W/ grandaughters, Emily and Anne, during his bday celebration/Pats Sunday, at my sister's place.

Yummy topping for yummy pumpkin cake baked by the Rosemans.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back hall antics

OK, no one under 18, or my Mom, can view above photo. Thought this was kinda funny. When cleaning out my back hall, I noticed this little dude taking a whiz in my candle. (I got that "piece of art" for my nieces on a trip to Brazil a few years back, only to realize upon returning home, this glass bottle-turned papier mache menace, is anatomical correct! Oops.) Needless to see, there he sits (or stands) pissing on my property.

*Other happenings and goings-on, on that same day, in that same place...

I added a string to an unreachable chain on a hanging lamp...

I dusted...

I also straightened out an infinity annoying, very small closet where I squirrel any and all of my excess crap. But it's still not worthy of a photo...

*I think I need to get out more.

To "putter"

Little did I know that the way I tend to spend my free time, at home, actually has a name.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a plethora of definitions for a word I thought my Mom made up. For she is a "putterer," by making a house a home. It's the time one spends drifting from one tasks to the next, in and around the house. A little of this, a little of that. All the while, introducing beauty to the ordinary.

I just thought it was an mild case of adult ADD, and perhaps it is, but somehow it brings me a sense of peace. For instance, yesterday, I puttered. I organized my craft supplies, cleaned out a storage closet, fixed a magnet, dusted, found the perfect spot for a decorative dish. These simple acts, become reflections of who we are. The choices we make, the things we hold dear, the environments we hope to create.

Cookey, I know, but I love it. If only it were as easy to "putter" through our days, in the "outside world" as it is at home. To drift from one task to the next without a schedule or pressure to achieve a larger goal. I'm sure there's a name for that too.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Monster Mash

These shots were taken last night at my friends Halloween party.

OK, I know above pic is kind of creepy, but it does capture the essence of dear ol' Denny's costume. He was a white trash character of sorts, complete w/ rotting red neck teeth, a BBQ sauce stained tank top two sizes too small and a bleached blonde mullet (see photo).

This is Jake (old roommie), me, and, a former co-worker of ours at the call center, Nic. Jake was a college student in sunglasses, I was a socialite from the 20's, and Nic was a Melancholy newcomer from Eastern Europe. (Note; I am the only one dressed up).

This is Denny's co-worker Reagan (sp?). Love the Maude look.

This shot was taken mid-dance party. The sea goddess in fore front is Alex, the hostess and Denny's better half.

QT w/ M&P

I spent last weekend, visiting with my folks. Combining the celebration of my Dad's 64th birthday, with giving Nane some extra needed TLC and, most importantly of course, laundering countless loads of wash .

As usual up there, time went by too quickly. I seemed to find myself loading my car, soon after it was unloaded. The three of us had some seriously good times, though. Road tripping through Camden hills, gorging on homemade confections and deep fried foods, marathon thrifting and piling countless cords of wood.

My folks 5th child, Bear, anxiously awaiting HIS gifts...

Cinnamon rolls (shot pre-baked) for my Dad's birthday morning. (Accompanied by some very tasty Bloody Mary's!)