Sunday, March 23, 2008

A la Commode (take 2)

I know, you've ALL been wondering since my post back in January...what's the latest with Catherine's new commode? Well, there's been an addition...
Not only did I have a great visit with Nane, but she sent me home with a chamberpot! (No worries Ma, there's still another one under the bed.)

Oh boy...

(I know, great, another picture of a picture. But until I get more scanner savvy, this is all you get.)
In precisely 3 short days, I'm headed down to [put unknown southern campsite name here] to see my folks. It's hard to believe I am actually (very) excited to spend 14 days in a camper with my parents, but it's true. My 16 year-old self would've never believed it! Which way to the beach...?

East-ah 2008

I went up to Palermo this past weekend to celebrate Easter w/ Nane. The night I arrived, there was a full moon (one day passed) above Gampy's old store. It was big and beautiful...I swear.

Ginny brought Lilly's to the church on Sunday.

And this is proof that, yes indeed-y, I DID accompany her. (And, NO, that's not the front lobby of a nearby pub. If you look close enough, you can see Christ in the background...I swear.)

Then, we went to the Maine Asian Buffet in Waterville for our "holiday feast." And gorged on crab rangoons, chicken and beef in various fried forms, yellow rice with peas, green beans, broccoli bits, oodles o' slippery noodles, cream puffs and 4 scoops of ice cream between the two of us. Ugh, but so dee-lish.